Grace to you, and peace, my friends. It is good to be able to be with you over time and space. I want us to start together with the words from Psalm 42. Go ahead and read them now. This will be here when you are done reading.

A friend of mine wrote these words that I found comfort in this week, “In a time when you may be experiencing A LOT of emotions the psalms are the place to go. This is a book in the Bible where people do not hold back. If they are angry, they say so. If they are desperate, they say so. If they are wildly happy and grateful, they say so. The psalms give us permission to feel how we need to feel and to be upfront with God- about things happening in the world and about how we are feeling about God at any given moment. The psalms are honest, even when things are hard and painful and scary and uncertain. As you read Psalm 42 today know that it is okay to feel the same as the Psalmist- downcast, disheartened, mournful. It is okay to feel.

Do: notice our emotions today. You might try saying, “I notice I am feeling___________ right now.” Notice them, examine them, and try to release them, whether that be by writing them down, praying, talking to a friend about them, or some alternate method. Know that you will not feel this way forever.”

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Melissa