A Word from our Pastor…

Retired Episcopal Bishop, Steven Charleston, said the following, “Now is the moment for which a lifetime of faith has prepared you. All of those years of prayer and study, all of the worship services, all of the time devoted to a community of faith: it all comes down to this, this sorrowful moment when life seems chaotic and fear haunts the thin borders of reason. Your faith has prepared you for this. It has given you the tools you need to respond: to proclaim justice while standing for peace. Long ago the Spirit called you to commit your life to faith. Now you know why. You are a source of strength for those who have lost hope. You are a voice of calm in the midst of chaos. You are a steady light in days of darkness. The time has come to be what you believe.”
These words have given me hope in recent weeks. We are living in a world that none of us ever expected. We are connecting with friends and family virtually in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. We are faced with daily changes and advice as to what practices are best. We are living in a constant state of chaos and uncertainty. And yet, this is exactly what our faith has prepared us for Steven says.
When we feel most lost, most uncertain, most chaotic, we know that our faith is rooted in God and God’s love. It doesn’t mean that our life will suddenly be easier, or less chaotic. It means that we have been taught and given the tools we need to face each day as it comes. To offer light and hope and strength and calm in the midst of everything. The time has come to be what you believe!
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Melissa
Read Below for new and continuing information around how we are being church in the world as it is right now! New information is in bold.
We continue to serve one another in a variety of ways. We give thanks for our Church Council checking in on everyone during the week and sharing needs and concerns with Pastor Melissa
Thank you to everyone who has continued to give! Because of you we  keep serving our community. We continue to need your regular giving, you can mail your giving to 7620 N. Hartman Lane Ste 100 Tucson AZ 85743. Or you can give online: https://maranachurch.com/give/.
Online worship will happen every Sunday at 9:30am at this link: https://maranachurch.com/online/. We also post our service on facebook and our website after the service if you can’t join us at 9:30am! We will continue online worship for the foreseeable future, as directed by our bishop.
Nightly bedtime story with Pastor Melissa tank es place every night at 7:30pm on our Facebook page. Feel free to join us any night. This is also posted after the fact if you can’t tune in at 7:30pm!
We are going to be launching some informal coffee chats on ZOOM so that you can see and hear from your church community each week. Our trial run at this will be this Monday June 15 at 2pm. ZOOM can be used with video and audio from your computer, phone or tablet. Use this link from any device to call in: https://dscumc.zoom.us/j/96113760141?pwd=MEpsbXV3Y0VmOGgxMDJobDF4SUxqUT09
I hope to see you there! If this goes well we will offer several different opportunities to connect with one another. 

A Story For All Ages continues to happen on our Facebook page every Thursday at 10am. We invite everyone to join in for a midweek spiritual activity and conversation.
Youth Group meets Sunday’s at noon over ZOOM. Let Pastor Melissa know if you need more info.
Compassion Camp Coming June 21! Our Virtual VBS will take place over five weeks starting June 21. Our children are getting excited for how they will experience and give compassion and how they will “Be Loved. Be Kind. Be You.” If you can help us purchase supplies for our Compassion Camp boxes please contact Lora at lora@maranachurch.com for the best way to contribute supplies or money.
Help out where you can! Reach out to neighbors who may be hit harder by the virus than you. Let the church know if you need someone to pick up groceries, go through the drive thru, or FaceTime you with a funny story!
Secret Prayer Partners: Don’t forget, if you opted into this program during Lent that it is still going! Pray for your prayer partner, send them a note, let them know someone is out there thinking of them during this time!
Pray for the world. For our community. For each other. We get through this together!